Cooperative Management: service quality and safety guaranty

Strict control and monitoring measures are taken during the processes of receipt, storage and dispatch, including analyses at the laboratory; the registration and issuance of certificates in every process stage; and the control of the measuring equipment and the monitoring of every product. These activities are permanently supervised by external auditors who contact the client and set the requirements of each operation.

Training course on trucks and loading bays

DECOSUR complies with the strictest rules and regulations of hygiene, safety and environmental protection, and to do so, it analyzes the specific and potential risks of its activities; tests its equipment and checks its premises regularly; and controls that safety procedures are being followed in case of an emergency by often simulating possible accidents.

The cooperative is included in the Plan Nacional de Contingencias (PLANACON) [Argentine contingency plan] and has adopted the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS Code).

The quality policy is enhanced by each cooperative worker-owner commitment and their high levels of efficiency and responsibility to carry out the cooperative activities. The cooperative has also improved its actions to increase the quality of its services by qualifying its workers, assessing the workers´ performance, and constantly improving its processes.

Environmental Management

In order to complement the environmental management policies of the cooperative, Decosur has implemented an industrial rationalization program to preserve the natural resources; the program has been agreed upon with the Autoridad de Cuenca Matanza Riachuelo (ACUMAR) [governmental authority in charge of the sanitation of the river Matanza-Riachuelo] and it is known as Programa de Reconversión Industrial (PRI).
In accordance with the program, the cooperative has monitored and controlled its activities, has taken precautionary measures, and has installed a new API decantation pool for rainwater drainage.

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